GAOLER (2018)

HD application, infinite duration (live stream)

Description: A bot that is constantly searching for content, reading comments aloud from random videos in its search query.
It has a built-in personality in the form of search terms that are combined at random to produce two words ad infinitum.
Gaoler monotonously traverses an endless desert that is randomly regenerating itself for eternity or as long as the program
is running. If the live stream is down, see the Youtube channel: HERE for an archive.
*Warning: Gaoler reads whatever comments are found verbatim and may be offensive at times.


HD video, 11: min (trailer 3:21 min)


Materials: webcam, computer, software

Description: Augmented reality installation developed in response to the Kingston University School of Art PhD research output
WE ARE PUBLICATION. The application recognizes a carpet that was made in collaboration with other PhD students and
responds with an augmented overlay using computer vision.


Materials: wire, paint, epoxy, plaster, VR headset

Description: Viewing rock houses an interactive virtual reality video that alters itself through changes in the participant's gaze.


Materials: UV prints on aluminium, negative ion generator, Ozone, electricity, timer

Description: The individual pieces are charged with negative ions that produce Ozone and static electricity at specific moments, choreographed by a custom timer.

Video Documentation (00:24 min):

VALS (2017)

HD video, 10:00 min (trailer 3:42 min)

SON OF CHIPPY 221 (install) (2016)

Materials: 3 channel HD video installation, holographic projection film, vibration speaker, print on PVC

Three channel video mock-up (3:34 min):


HD video, 11:30 min (trailer 5:00 min)

COMMON DESCENT (install) (2015)

Materials: custom projection screen, fabric, LED floodlights, speakers, micro controller,
11:30 min video loop, faux leaves, colour gels, faux crocodile head, projector

Description: A video is projected over fabric covering a diorama that can only be seen when lights behind the screen are activated.
This happens at specific moments throughout the video.


Materials: video entry phone, SD video loop


Materials: printed canvas, zipper, polystyrene balls


HD video, 27:32 min (trailer 3:10 min)


HD video, 12:04 min (trailer 3:00 min)



Materials: PVC print, 17 min audio loop, custom vibrator, micro controller, wood, metal

Description: A voice-over recording about a ‘future life regression' is played aloud over
relaxing music. During the course of the looped soundtrack, the metal door of the
structure begins to intensely vibrate in intervals. Shown in a pre-built structure at
Park Ecke Charlottenstraße, Berlin.

Video documentation (1:54 min):

RAMP (2013)

Materials: concrete, foam, MDF, perspex, vinyl photo print, T.V. with 10 min video loop,
linear actuator, micro controller, butane refill, BBQ igniter

Description: Every five minutes a ticking sound is heard and a flame shoots out of the back of a pink television. 

Video documentation (00:24 min):


MOBILE (2013)

Materials: assisted toilet seat, photo frame with 3 min video loop, vinyl print, timer, ignition system

Description: A flame shoots out of an assisted toilet that slowly raises and lowers.
Shown in the front window of Tenderpixel Gallery during the August residency, 2013.

Video documentation (1:46 min):



HD video, 10:18 min (trailer 3:24 min)

COHESION (install) (2012)

Materials: custom projection screen, stainless steel reflector, micro controller, speakers, high intensity
strobes, 10 min video loop, actuators, loud speaker, projector

Description: A video is played in sections, separated by a burst from high frequency lights.
The video is choreographed to other elements within the installation.

Video documentation (1:54 min):


Materials: photograph on Dibond, negative ion generator, electricity

Description: A photograph charged with negative ions, consistently expels visible sparks.





Materials: roomba vacuum cleaner, carpet, photograph, timer

Description: A robot vacuum cleaner cleans and returns to its charger, looped.


Materials: glasses-free 3D video screen, 3D video loop

Description: Two separate videos converge at different angles, playing on a single lenticular video screen. 




BENCH (2012)

Materials: wood, paint, negative ion generator, stainless steel, photographs on vinyl, wire, electricity

Description: A bench charged with negative ions, displays visible flows of electricity.




PROS (2012)

Materials: 3D virtual reality glasses, photograph on Dibond

Description: An immersive video plays on virtual reality glasses attached to a cutout photograph.




SPIT (2012)

Materials: Vinyl, LCD screen, perspex, wood, electronics, fire balls

Description: Shoots fireballs towards a corner at regular intervals.

Video documentation (00:17 min):






HD video, 9:32 min (trailer 2:11 min)


BLOSSOM (2011)

SD video, 9:39 min

DUEL (2011)

Materials: monitor, web cam, computer, facial recognition software, video, plinth

Description: A video monitor shuts off when the viewer looks directly at it and turns
back on when they look away.

COMMUTE (2010)

Materials: photograph dyed onto canvas, wood, micro controller, flash paper, wheel, nichrome wire

Description: An image falls off the wall and explodes at different times throughout the exhibition.

Video documentation (00:18 min):