SON OF CHIPPY 221 (install/trailer) (2016)

Materials: 3 channel HD video installation, holographic projection film, vibration speaker, print on PVC.


HD video, 11:30 min (trailer 5:00 min)

COMMON DESCENT (install) (2015)

Materials: custom projection screen, fabric, LED floodlights, speakers, micro controller,
11:30 min video loop, faux leaves, colour gels, faux crocodile head, projector.

Description: A video is projected over fabric covering a diorama that can only be seen when lights behind the screen are activated.
This happens at specific moments throughout the video.


Materials: video entry phone, SD video loop


Materials: printed canvas, zipper, polystyrene balls


HD video, 27:32 min (trailer 3:10 min)


HD video, 12:04 min (trailer 3:00 min)



Materials: PVC print, 17 min audio loop, custom vibrator, micro controller, wood, metal

Description: A voice-over recording about a ‘future life regression' is played aloud over
relaxing music. During the course of the looped soundtrack, the metal door of the
structure begins to intensely vibrate in intervals. Shown in a pre-built structure at
Park Ecke Charlottenstraße, Berlin.

RAMP (2013)

Materials: concrete, foam, MDF, perspex, vinyl photo print, T.V. with 10 minute video loop,
linear actuator, micro controller, butane refill, BBQ igniter

Description: Every five minutes a ticking sound is heard and a flame shoots out of the back of a pink television. 


MOBILE (2013)

Materials: assisted toilet seat, photo frame with 3 min video loop, vinyl print, timer, ignition system.

Description: A flame shoots out of an assisted toilet that slowly raises and lowers.
Shown in the front window of Tenderpixel Gallery during the August residency, 2013.



HD video, 10:18 min (trailer 3:24 min)

COHESION (install) (2012)

Materials: custom projection screen, stainless steel reflector, micro controller, speakers, high intensity
strobes, 10 min video loop, actuators, loud speaker, projector

Description: A video is played in sections, separated by a burst from high frequency lights.
The video is choreographed to other elements within the installation.
Read an interview about the installation: here


Materials: photograph on Dibond, negative ion generator, electricity

Description: A photograph charged with negative ions, consistently expels visible sparks.





Materials: roomba vacuum cleaner, carpet, photograph, timer

Description: A robot vacuum cleaner cleans and returns to its charger, looped.


Materials: glasses-free 3D video screen, 3D video loop

Description: Two separate videos converge at different angles, playing on a single lenticular video screen. 




BENCH (2012)

Materials: wood, paint, negative ion generator, stainless steel, photographs on vinyl, wire, electricity

Description: A bench charged with negative ions, displays visible flows of electricity.




PROS (2012)

Materials: 3D virtual reality glasses, photograph on Dibond

Description: An immersive video plays on virtual reality glasses attached to a cutout photograph.




SPIT (2012)

Materials: Vinyl, LCD screen, perspex, wood, electronics, fire balls.

Description: Shoots fireballs towards a corner at regular intervals.






HD video, 9:32 min (trailer 2:11 min)


BLOSSOM (2011)

SD video, 9:39 min

DUEL (2011)

Materials: monitor, web cam, computer, facial recognition software, video, plinth

Description: A video monitor shuts off when the viewer looks directly at it and turns
back on when they look away.

COMMUTE (2010)

Materials: photograph dyed onto canvas, wood, micro controller, flash paper, wheel, nichrome wire

Description: An image falls off the wall and explodes at different times throughout the exhibition.