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Custom projection screen, fabric, LED floodlights, speakers, micro controller, 11:30 min video loop, faux leaves, colour gels, faux crocodile head, projector


A video is projected over fabric covering a diorama that can only be seen when lights behind the screen are activated. This happens at specific moments throughout the video.

Exhibited at CGP, London as part of Bottom Natures in 2015.


COMMON DESCENT (Single channel video)


HD video, 11:30 min (trailer 5:00 min)


A speculative journey into hidden reptilian systems that unconsciously dictate basic states of subjective production, Common Descent attempts to surface what normally occurs in our brain without our knowledge. Through language patterns, psychedelic visual triggers, and a selection of hosts guiding the viewer through primal forms of communication, a non-dialectical version of reality emerges—one that relies on confusion and disjunction rather than linear displays of concrete information.

Exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong (2016), V Art Center Shanghai, 
CFCCA Manchester, and Chisenhale Studios, London in 2015-2017. 

© Daniel Shanken 2022

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