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Multi-projection system, 10-minute video loop, custom magnetic levitation platforms, chrome plated 3D prints


Flesh Projection is an installation that uses a series of GAN-generated (Generative Adversarial Networks) objects. The work was trained on thousands of 3D modelled and scanned hand tools and technologies from Palaeolithic stone tools to contemporary technologies such as cell phones and laptops, creating in its output strange renditions of familiar objects. Some of the generated models are recognisable as human-made tools for an unspecified or imaginary use, while others are abstractions that are remnants or ruins of the algorithm’s training process.


In the installation, a real-time flythrough of a procedurally generated environment using the GAN-generated objects was recorded. The soundtrack was created using field recordings of EMF emissions made from the works' rendering hard drives. As part of the installation, two generated objects have been chrome plated and made to hover using custom magnetic levitation systems.  

Shown as part of the group show "History of the Future" at Cloud Art Museum, Shenzhen, China 2022.

_DSC7217-WD-FIx 2.jpg

© Daniel Shanken 2022

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