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EMMA 2w laser, raised flooring, server box, PLA 3D printed 
GAN-generated objects, custom web browser and 4K application


DEEP BORE revolves around a data center raised flooring formation that operates as a stage to view a live-generated, never-ending borehole projected onto the floor. The hole is perpetually digging through to a virtual environment that acts as a liminal space, or bridge, between the physical site of the gallery, its surrounding environment, and a realm of virtual and real-time content. This includes live browser updates to the Reddit homepage, GAN-generated objects and images from a GAN trained on tools and technologies throughout human history, and other items that materialise, float, and fall into the void on the screen.


The installation is interested in drawing a spontaneous environment that allows viewers to enter through interfaces that are site specific rather than the normal screen space we encounter on a daily basis. The visual material reflects the remnants of human technological production, prehistoric caves, and rare-earth mining tunnels. There is a direct reference to data mining, crypto mining, and data centers that have sprung up around the world. The installation creates a space of reflection on the intangible data-points, machine learning algorithms, clouds, and rendered objects we often encounter, touching on their real world presence and effect on the environment, consciousness, and culture.

Solo show at No.8 Cattle Depot, Hong Kong in 2021.


© Daniel Shanken 2022

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