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HD application, infinite duration  


Internet Autosarcophagy is a moving image platform that executes ongoing renderings of "real-time" or "live" material with no beginning or end. It acts as a base skeleton to siphon incoming bits of information that self-organize around its frame, such as YouTube video search results and comments, live internet radio, BBC news feeds, local time, Google Image search, Reddit updates, and images from a webcam on the host computer. At its base is an autonomous first person shooter system that switches from a cell phone, displaying live Twitch chat messages, to different weapons, that initiate and react to incoming data using Natural Language Processing through machine learning to gauge the sentiment of the information coming in from its sources. The main character becomes more or less violent depending on the mood of the incoming data determined by the NLP algorithm, which also influences character actions, camera transitions, and the generative environment the characters inhabit, fluctuating continuously with the incoming stream of information.

Exhibited at the ICA London in 2019.

© Daniel Shanken 2022

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